Magdalena Spletter – Intuitive Guide & Sound Therapist

Individual Sound Healing Sessions:

Divine Energy Activation Readings
$45 / 30 min

Using various psychic abilities such as: clairvoyance (clear seeing) , clairsentience (clear sensing or knowing), and clairaudience (clear hearing) Magdalena will channel personalized guidance for you including information pertinent to your health and wellness, from your Soul and Angels. These communications and messages are only from Sources of pure Light and Goodness and are designed to bring clarity and peace to you on your journey. You will learn about your animal(s) totem, which crystals to use, your aura colors, past lives information and more.

Chakra Balance
Full Session $100 / 75 min; Mini Session $20 / 20 minutes (New Clients Only)

(Chakra Scanning and Balancing combined with Sound Therapy)

How are you feeling lately? Lost? Angry or upset for no reason? Do you find yourself talking too much or seeking seclusion? Are you more forgetful than usual or experiencing mental fog? Do you seem to attract negative people or situations?

If any of these things resonate with you, your chakras could be out of balance.

Chakras are energy portals that both receive and transmit energy and information between a being and their environment. They are affected by your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. When you put too much stress on your body or mind, the symptoms you feel are a warning that something in your life is out of balance. You may be allowing someone else or an event to have power over you, you may have lost the “joy of living,” or perhaps you are starving your body of healthy foods or love, etc. The symptoms are, in a way, your consciousness asking for help.

In this session, you will find out which chakras are under-active or overactive, which crystals can accelerate your healing, what your totem animals are, and even learn about the past lives that are effecting your present choices and relationships with people, animals or even your job.

Possible benefits of this treatment include:

  • Grounding (becoming fully present NOW)
  • Improved money flow and relationships
  • Increased inner power and self-esteem
  • Increased love, trust and joy
  • Improved communication and ability to forgive
  • The discovery of life purpose and your personal mission

Chakra Balance Series: 7 Sessions for the price of 6

For maximum benefit, enjoy this 7-session series. Magdalena will focus on one of each of the 7 major chakras at each session; clearing blockages, bringing balance, and infusing it with energy. The work will focus on clearing limiting beliefs and fears associated with personal safety, money, success, worthiness, power, forgiveness, passion, joy, truth, intuition and life purpose. Discover your strengths and challenges as you journey through these energy centers and emerge at a higher vibration with new clarity, health and peace of mind.

Magdalena Spletter Chakra Balancing

The 13 Tones of Creation
$90/ 60 min

In this session, special chimes are placed on your body and played in different combinations.

During this session you may experience:

  • Deep trance (theta brainwave) states
  • Deep relaxation
  • Mental and emotional block releases
  • Lucid dreams
  • Increased decisiveness
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved hearing
  • Nerve repair

The sound immersion, combined with reiki, and essential oils or crystals, can alleviate:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeping issues
  • Stress
  • High blood pressure
Magdalena Spletter 13 Tones of Creation

Couples Deep Soul Connection
$150 / 60 minutes

When we share a life with another person, there are many ways to connect, one being with sound.

Did you know there are sound frequencies that naturally tap into well-being, acceptance, and love between couples? Would you like to deeply connect at an emotional, physical and spiritual level again, cleansing blockages and assisting in healing your relationship?

Through the power of 440 Hz sound, complete relaxation re-programs brain patterns that can then rejuvenate deeper sensual satisfaction. Waves of sound will come through the couple and cause changes in the nervous system, immune system and organs, stimulating them to produce a healing effect.

Magdalena will guide the couple in accessing their inner-child, which will ignite a deeper connection between the couple, immersing their senses in essential oil fragrances and magical sounds and crystals. This session is focused on vibrationally aligning cells to a happy, loving frequency, and letting go of blockages and stress.

About Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is very beneficial in balancing the energy system in the body and bringing harmony to where it is needed. During the session, energy chimes are placed on or near your body and played in intuitive combinations. The sound pulsations are rich in harmonics and have a healing, activating and relaxing effect on your brain and nervous system.

The tones bathe you in warm resonances that will dissolve your stress and tension until you and the sound become one. It is common for people to transport into an alpha or theta brainwave state and to enter altered states of consciousness where their body is asleep but they are fully aware of what is happening. In this state of deep relaxation, you are balancing chakras and shifting energy blockages, while your immune system receives a boost, leaving you with a rejuvenated feeling.

Clients are often surprised by how immersed they become during these sessions. Magdalena will be guided during the sessions to use different tools: alchemy crystal singing bowl, Tibetan bowls, tubular chimes, voice, crystals, oils, etc., to help you feel better.