Marie Knabe – Certified Reflexologist, Level II Reiki Practitioner

Available - Tuesday 10:30 to 6pm and Wednesday 10:30 – 5pm

Soothe Your Soul Deluxe Reflexology Session
75 Minutes, $67

This deluxe reflexology session will leave you relaxed and renewed. Marie starts with an essential oil and Epsom salt foot soak, followed by a full reflexology session that will open your organs to receive healing energy. If requested, Marie can focus on a specific treatment for imbalances such as migraines, etc. She will then close with a Reiki session infused with your personal intention as the focus. The session includes the BioMat and aromatherapy

Reflexology Session
60 Minutes, $47

This session includes an Epsom salt foot soak and full reflexology session on the BioMat with aromatherapy. You can have Marie focus on a specific imbalance such as migraines, for an additional $10 (see below).

Specific Treatment Reflexology
15 Minute, $10 add on to any session

This add-on treatment is specifically for imbalances such as migraines, sinus, sore throat, hormones, anxiety, depression, stress, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, sleep, and emotional stressors.