Trish Hoehn: MS Occupational Therapist & BioEnergetic Specialist

The Lotus Protocols:

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Achieve Your Wellness Goals

Phase 1: Initial Wellness Plan Screening:
90 minutes, $99

($20 discount with new PMA membership)

Utilizing computerized BioEnergetic testing, Trish identifies your priority health issues and works with you to develop a strategic plan for achieving your wellness goals. You will receive instruction on how to best utilize the health technology at Lotus Be Well as well as incorporate select superfoods, supplements, essential oils, dietary and lifestyle changes to accelerate your results. The recommended six to twelve-week protocol will help you confidently take those first decisive steps in your wellness journey.

Phase 2: Advanced Protocols:
2 hours, $150*

Fast Track Plan: Bi-monthly Evaluations (6 at $110 each)

Steady Pace Plan: Quarterly Evaluations (4 at $130 each)

For those serious about conquering their health issues, maximizing their vitality and preventing future health problems. You’ve experienced the power of following a strategic wellness plan and taken a decisive step forward on your wellness journey . . . good job! Keep the momentum going to access new levels of health and wellbeing. Healing happens in a certain sequence and the process can be likened to peeling back the layers of an onion to get to "core" issues that are impacting health. BioEnergetic Testing serves to identify the outer “layer,” or priority issues, that need to be addressed first for deep healing to continue. A detailed report is given, including recommendations for ideal self-serve therapy usage, supplements, essential oils, superfoods, energetic rebalancing sessions, other therapeutic modalities, and dietary, lifestyle, or environmental changes.

Vitality Boost:
60 minutes, $89

* Series of 5 Sessions: $400

A profound way to combat stress and imbalance in the body. BioEnergetic testing is used to identify your optimum treatment parameters and multiple healing modalities are then combined to eliminate blockages in the energetic anatomy; includes a chakra balance, emotional release work, brainwave entrainment and work on other specific areas of pain or imbalance as needed. Your first session (75 minutes) includes pre- and post-treatment BioEnergetic screenings to demonstrate the effect the Vitality Boost has on the body, mind, and stress levels.