Elizabeth Kubale Palmer - Educator, Nutrition Specialist & Lifestyle Program Director

Elizabeth Kubale Palmer was a Psychology Professor at Alverno College for 25 years, creating a "Psychology of Food" course sequence. She has been researching diets and nutrition for the past 10 years. Prior to becoming a full-time educator, Elizabeth had her own psychology practice.

As the Director of the Lifestyle Program and personal coach, Elizabeth designs individual programs around a whole-food, plant-based weight loss. She prides herself on the "Palmer Diet" for its fast, effective, healthy weight loss. Her clients are catapulted week-by-week from their enthusiastic response to her "QuickStart" program. She has also designed a Phase 2 to "Bridge" clients to Phase 3 for "Maintenance", allowing clients permanent weight loss, for a lifetime.

With her background in psychology, her group and individual sessions are education-based, providing situation-specific tools for clients to continue and maintain weight loss. She centers sessions around “Self-Acceptance Training” which builds upon, and reinforces, positive habits and self-esteem, eliminating challenges to weight loss, and creating cravings for healthy foods.

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Lifestyle Program for Weight Loss
3 Phases, $255 / 4-weeks


The Lifestyle Program is nutrition & wellness program created to promote and sustain long-term weight loss in three (3) specific phases:

  • Phase 1, The QuickStart: A nutritional jumpstart for maximum impact at the beginning when motivation tends to run high;
  • Phase 2, The Bridge: Between old and new lifestyle habits;
  • Phase 3, Maintenance: Maintaining healthy long-term habits.

The focus is on a mind/body/soul wholistic approach, allowing for immediate results in a healthy manner. The Program includes multiple teaching components leading towards replacing non-working OCD habits for lifestyle maintenance beyond the three (3) Phases. Past participants have lost on average of 30 pounds in six (6) weeks.

  • Phase 1, QuickStart program includes an Intake Session, plus 3 – one-hour individual sessions.
  • Phase 2 & 3 include 4 – one-hour individual sessions.
  • Phases may be repeated depending upon need.
  • All Phases include self-acceptance training.

Program Benefits:

  • Sustainable, healthy weight loss.
  • Supports the emotional & behavioral aspects of weight loss.
  • Unlimited support (classes, staff, text, mail, individual & group meetings).
  • Gain new friendships with like-minded people.

Individual Weight Loss / Lifestyle Intake Session
90 min., 2 hours, $120

Work with Elizabeth one-on-one to lose weight or make lifestyle changes. During this Intake Session you will talk about your history and how to reach your individualized goal(s) – physical/cognitive/spiritual/psychosocial levels. As a single, full-time working mom for many years, Elizabeth knows how to incorporate healthy eating and weight loss into a busy schedule. A journal will be provided to keep you on track, as well as an abundance of suggested support tools which will never leave you wondering what to eat when different situations arise. Future session result in an individualized session plan developed for your assured success.

9-Day Liver Cleanse Program

The 9-day liver cleanse is an excellent way to begin a healthier lifestyle. The liver is the #1 organ to rejuvenate before starting any weight loss or healing protocol. This cleanse is a great lead-in for the QuickStart Lifestyle Weight Loss Program. This Program includes an orientation session, suggested grocery list, and a detailed food map for 12 days plus individualized support.

Self-Acceptance Training
$65 / 1-hour session or 3 for $180

Self-Acceptance Training releases and heals emotional blocks using relaxation therapy, active imagination, imagery, creative fantasy, affirmations and other tools appropriate for the situation.

Movie Nights with Whole Food, Plant-Based Potluck

Join Elizabeth for a Movie Night & Potluck! Everyone that loves to eat healthy or wants to get started learning how to eat healthy, come together. Bring a friend and/or family members that want to make lifestyle changes or just come and hang with like-minded people and eat great food! Attendees are always astounded by the dishes brought to share. Open to everyone. Call for date of upcoming potluck and recipes if needed.

Additional Services: Shopping, Cooking, and Meal Prep Demonstration & Assistance

Price dependent upon needs and mileage for delivery.