Self-Serve Therapies

Membership is required to access our Self-Serve Therapies. These therapies combine state-of-the-art health technologies in unique and enjoyable ways. They provide rapid results, and like exercise, the benefits are cumulative. Each Self-Serve Therapy addresses different concerns and alleviates a variety of symptoms. Retail therapy prices are listed below.

To better address the needs of our members, we offer cost-saving Unlimited Access Plans so you can easily make this a part of your wellness routine.

Club Access Plans

Self-serve Therapies are available to members on a walk-in basis; no appointment booking is necessary.

Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar: $15 for 30 minutes

Oxygen is literally the breath of life. . .so why not have fun while increasing your levels? Our Oxygen Bar incorporates clinical grade essential oils and has you reclining on the soothing Amethyst Biomat, developed by NASA, which features Far Infrared Light Therapy (soothing heat), negative ions (grounding and balancing), and amethyst crystals (helps the body to relax and de-stress). Play a game of cards, color a mandala in our meditation coloring books, or just enjoy an organic tea and visit with friends while you enjoy this service.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Multi-Sensory PowerNap: $30 for 60 minutes | $15 for 30 minutes

This is one experience you do NOT want to miss! Recline on a full size Ameythst Biomat in the comfort of your own nap area. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, music therapy and Tachyon energy while you experience profound relaxation. NOTE: Falling asleep is NOT required to experience the rejuvenating benefits of this service. . .but you probably will! Studies have shown the Biomat alone to reduce Cortisol (stress hormone) levels by 78%! Add in these other beneficial modalities and the effects are amazing.

PowerNap Fusion: $30 for 60 minutes | $15 for 30 minutes

The PowerNap Fusion is our newest self-serve therapy that provides proven results from stress and anxiety. The Fusion is centered around bringing the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), sympathetic and parasympathetic, into balance. The ANS should work together in times of stress and anxiety. However, if stress continually increases by staying in "fight and flight" mode, the body has a hard time recovering. Stress is the root-cause of most body imbalances such as anxiety attacks, suicidal thoughts, sleep loss, weight gain, autoimmune, pain and overall dis-ease within the body. The ANS controls heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, digestion, organ function, and many other aspects of the body’s physiology.

ADD ON TO POWERNAPS: Tachyonized Cocoon Ride - $10.

Amplify your PowerNap… go from Multi-Sensory to Multi-Dimensional. The Tachyonized Cocoon provides full-body energetic rebalancing and an experience for those who are serious about their personal transformation. The Cocoon promotes integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies, leading to calm, and centered clarity. It not only feels great, it will also enhance any healing process that needs to take place at any level of your being.

Thermotherapy Detox: $30 for 60 minutes

This self-service converts the PowerNap area into a powerful detox therapy. The Thermotherapy Detox utilizes layering of the Amethyst biomats on high heat settings to induce a therapeutic sweat. Lie upon a professional size mat and cover your torso with a Minimat or Biobelt to surround yourself with the power of amethyst crystals and negative ions. The far infrared heat penetrates 5-7 inches into the body to ensure full body access. Ameo's "AGX Cleanse" essential oil blend is diffused into the air which further promotes detoxification, and the BrainTap headset is available to put the mind in a deep meditative state through a combination of light and sound. Guided visualizations for accelerated weightloss, pain relief, or any of 700 other titles tame the brain while you detox the body.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Vitamin D Light Therapy with Tanning: $10 for up to 20 minutes; $7 tanning for students.

Our body's produce Vitamin D in response to the sun and a deficiency can lead to many problems including Seasonal Affective Disorder (the winter blues). Whether a deficiency is due to the long, cold months of Wisconsin winters, or too much time indoors, you can boost your health and mood by enjoying our Vitamin D Light Therapy rooms. Our full-spectrum units feature not only UVA and UVB that result in tanning, but also incorporate red light (skin health benefits) and blue light therapy (mood boosting). Add in aromatherapy and a powerfully balancing Tachyon energy field and you have a light therapy experience like no other! Please note: Our light technology utilizes electronic ballasts versus the standard, health-depleting magnetic ballasts.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

BioElectrical Therapy: $15 for 30 minutes, $30 for 60 minutes

Got pain, parasites, bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold and/or fungus? We've got the solution! The Wellness Pro+ is an FDA Cleared TENS device (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and the Zapper are drug free options for acute and chronic conditions. Relax, read a book or even watch your favorite Netflix show while you enjoy the many benefits of these non-toxic, non-invasive therapies. Unlike other units, the Wellness Pro+ has the largest frequency range coupled with an innovative delivery system that triggers electrochemical processes and achieves long term pain relief. Add the Zapper to your protocol and decrease the amount of time on the Wellness Pro+. These are amazing devices and work together for optimum results.

Schedule an HRV Stress Analysis+ with Health Consult with Trish Hoehn, to determine how stress is effecting your body, hone in on specific body imbalances, participate in a pre and post stress therapy session, and review your health history to identify your wellness plan's next steps.

Wellness Plan Screening
Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Vibrational Platform Training with Gravity Resistance: $15 for 30 minutes

The Hypervibe utilizes Whole Body Vibration which has tremendous benefit for muscles, bones and the body in general. It stands apart from other vibration machines in its ability to produce high levels of gravity (acceleration). The effects of GRT have been studied for almost 20 years, with hundreds of clinical papers published in scientific journals. Documented benefits include improved balance, bone density, muscle strength, circulation, flexibility, body composition, lymphatic detoxification, hormonal profile and more! Pick from five different categories: Active Aging, Weightloss & Fitness, Women's Health & Beauty, Performance & Recovery, and Relieve & Revive.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Vitality Brain Spa: $15

All the benefits of meditation without all the hard work! This life-changing experience will help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your wellness goals. Recline on a harmonic lounger (with vibration & frequency) while sandwiched with a mini Biomat to tap into your brain's peak potential with the BrainTap headset. Utilizing a combination of light, sound and the spoken word, your brainwaves are brought to the deep meditative alpha and theta waves where stress reduction, pain relief and super-learning are achievable. With over 700 titles to choose from, you're sure to find help with whatever you hope to achieve.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Computerized (Zyto) Body Scan: $15

Introducing two industry firsts! Lotus Be Well is the first place in WORLD to offer the Zyto Balance system to determine biological coherence for the Ameo line of essential oils; and the Ameo oils are the first clinical-grade essential oils readily available to the public. What does this mean for you? This computerized system is designed to provide an easy-to-use interface that quickly scans the body systems to determine which systems are out of balance and the optimum essential oils and wellness services to address these issues. You will be able to email yourself an extensive report so that each month you can track your progress toward resolving your imbalances and achieving a greater level of health and vitality.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies