Lifestyle Program

An 8-Week Weight Loss Program for the Mind / Body / Spirit

The Lotus Be Well Lifestyle Program was created to promote and sustain long-term weight loss. This is an 8-week nutrition & wellness program designed to interphase with a multi-practitioner approach to losing weight. The focus is on a mind/body/spirit or soul wholistic approach, as well as technology-based therapies, nutritionally jumpstarted for maximum impact at the beginning, when motivation tends to run high. It allows for immediate results in a healthy manner. The Program includes multiple teaching components leading toward replacing non-working old habits for lifestyle maintenance within the allotted 8-week program and beyond. Past participants have lost 25-30 pounds in six (6) weeks.

Lotus Be Well Weight Loss

After completing the 8-week program, evaluations will be completed by Trish Hoehn, MAOT & BioEnergetic Specialist, and Elizabeth Palmer, Program Director, Educator & Nutrition Specialist, to provide direction for your program’s next steps.

Program Includes:

  • Wellness / Weight Lose Plan protocol with Trish Hoehn and unlimited Lotus Be Well Access Plan (efficient & affordable).
  • Group Sessions with like-minded women / men (accountability).
  • Individual Sessions (personalized).
  • Mind & Body Sessions with Magdalena Spletter & Julie Ranieri (clears blocked emotions and addresses stressors).
  • Group support via social media, text and email (fun).
  • Program guide and journal (structure).
  • And MORE!
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Typical Lifestyle Program Protocol Week:

  • Two (2) days per week, Lotus Protocol – 4 hours
  • Every other week session with Magdalena Spletter or Julie Ranieri session – 1.5 hours
  • One (1) Lifestyle Group session – 2 hours or one (1) Lifestyler Individual session with Elizabeth Kubale Palmer, educator and nutrition specialist – 1 hour.
  • Food prep, journaling, drive-time not added into hours

Program Benefits:

  • Sustainable, healthy weight loss.
  • Supports the emotional & behavioral aspects of weight loss.
  • Unlimited support (classes, staff, text, mail, social media, individual & group meetings).
  • Gain new friendships with like-minded people.
  • Combine Wellness Plan and Weight Loss Plan into one efficient plan.
  • No harsh exercising or required supplementation.


The cost of the Lifestyle Program bundles all the services at a very reduced rate. You can pay for the Program upfront, monthly or weekly. Elizabeth will go over the Program with you when you come in for your free initial consult.

About Elizabeth Kubale Palmer, Program Director, Educator & Nutrition Specialist:

Elizabeth will design your individual Program around a whole-food, plant-based weight loss. Based on client preference and lifestyle, specific meal plans and dietary design is provided. Education is a key component of this proposed sequence, including “Self-Acceptance Training” designed to: A) Build upon and reinforce positive habits and self-esteem; B) Eliminate challenges to weight loss; C) Create cravings for healthy foods, as well as identify substitutes for “comfort foods” in moments of weakness. Depending upon client progress and interests, the 8-week design is sequenced to accommodate individual needs.

Elizabeth Kubale Palmer was a Psychology Professor at Alverno College for 25 years, creating a “Psychology of Food” course sequence. She has been researching diets and nutrition for the past 10 years. Prior to becoming an educator, Elizabeth had her own psychology practice. Her hobbies include, cooking, reading, gardening, writing, and international travel.

Get Started as a Lifestyler

Come in for a program application and Elizabeth Palmer, program director, will contact you to set up free consult regarding the program and your goals. Elizabeth is at Lotus Be Well Tues., Wed., & Thurs. from 1pm to 7pm if you want to talk with her before applying. No obligation. We have an information session prior and invite all applicants. Call Lotus Be Well for the upcoming information session and program start dates.

Lifestyle Program Application

*Past participants have lost 25-30 pounds in SIX (6) weeks. Results vary by individual.