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Amethyst Biomat

This advanced thermotherapy device incorporates amethyst crystals, negative ions and the soothing heat of far infrared.

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BrainTap Technologies

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While stress, at a minimum, contributes to every imbalance within the body; many experts now agree that it is the primary causative factor in chronic illness.

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Vibrational Platform Training

Train on the Hypervibe

The shortcut to a healthy body. A Hypervibe machine has the right combination of load bearing effect, G-force, that delivers direct and significant health benefits without injury.

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Tachyon Energy

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A patent and continuing global research have proven the efficacy of these “energized” wellness solutions.

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The WellnessPro® Plus

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The WellnessPro® Plus produces the FASTEST LONG TERM RESULTS by alleviating acute and chronic pain symptoms through the controlled application of electrical current.

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