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Tachyonized Tools are used throughout Lotus Be Well to Create a Soothing Environment and Promote Health for all Who Enter

Everything, from dense physical matter like a rock to the words on this page and the ideas behind them, is made up of energy. Every particle of every atom of every organism and substance we encounter vibrates at a specific frequency; slower vibrations correspond with dense, physical matter, faster vibrations correspond with more “nebulous” things like light, color, sound, emotions, thoughts, etc.

Many trained practitioners successfully utilize frequency-specific (aka “vibrational”) energy medicine to help people achieve greater health and wellbeing. For an energy medicine modality to be successful, however, the practitioner must know the frequency of the imbalance in the body, have access to a tool or treatment modality with the exact frequencies needed to correct that imbalance, and know the appropriate duration of treatment. As biologic systems contain many frequencies, a tool or treatment that may help one area come into balance, may do nothing, or even negatively impact other parts of the system. Also, because frequencies have no intelligence, they continue to emit their frequency even if balance has already been achieved, therefore an overdose is possible. Because of these limitations, it is extremely difficult for these methods to restore total functionality.

The basics about tachyon: quantum physics for the rest of us

What is Tachyon Energy?

Quantum Physicists refer to the omni-present Energy source of the Universe as the Zero Point Field (ZPF). The Zero-Point Field is a quantum field that exists beyond the speed of light; it is the limitless source of all frequencies containing everything required to create perfect form. Tachyons are subatomic particles of the Zero-Point Field. Like the ZPF, they contain the potential of all frequencies, but unlike the ZPF, tachyons have form.

How Can Our Bodies Utilize Source Energy?

Tachyons are totally different from all frequency based energy medicine modalities. Tachyon is not a frequency, nor is it a frequency approach. Frequency does not exist beyond light speed where tachyons operate. In essence, tachyons are the catalyst for self-healing. Every slower-than-light form is “fed” and held together by its own energy field called a SOEF (Subtle Organizing Energy Field); there are physical SOEFS (energy fields surrounding each part of our physical structure-from atoms to entire organs and body systems) and non-physical SOEFs which relate to our energetic anatomy and the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. ZPF/tachyon is the key element in the flow of energy from the infinitely formless to the perfect form. This flow is called the Energetic Continuum. Within a vital Energetic Continuum, every SOEF converts tachyon into the required frequency to support its own existence, and every existence supports the whole. What does this mean? When Tachyon is applied to an area, the SOEFs convert what they require to restore themselves to perfect balance and order. Tachyon does not heal but rather provides the energy for the body to heal itself.

Please Note: A full understanding of Tachyon is NOT necessary in order to achieve AMAZING results!

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Tachyonized Products

Advanced Tachyon Technologies, Inc. has developed a proprietary process to convert certain materials into tachyon antennae. Massive amounts of tachyon are drawn to and emitted from the Tachyonized products. When these tools are directed at the body, the body’s SOEFs pull whatever frequencies are needed for it to return to balance. The results are predictable, not dependent upon operator skill or client belief, and nothing short of astounding. A patent and continuing global research have proven the efficacy of this modality. The Tachyonized product line includes organic herbal remedies, Products, topical remedies, back belts and joint wraps, EMF protection devices and meditation tools, among other things. An online practitioner training course is available which enables the graduate to utilize professional level tools that quickly assist clients to eliminate pain, improve organ function, boost immunity, increase energy, protect from the harmful effects of EMFs, and in general, return to a higher state of health.

Highly Recommended

Recommended Tachyon Product

The ultimate essential oil carrier.

Recommended Tachyon Product

Insoles to energize the whole body through the foot reflex zones.

Recommended Tachyon Product

Micro silica disks to protect from EMFs.

Recommended Tachyon Product

Potent superfoods energize from the inside out.

Recommended Tachyon Product

Mini verticality pendants to boost immunity and protect from EMFs.

Experience the Power of Tachyon for Yourself

At Lotus Be Well, we incorporate the Tachyon tools into our Multi-Sensory Power Naps, Vitamin D Light Therapy, Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar, and Vitality Brain Spa. It is used to protect ourselves and our clients from the negative effects of EMF (electromagnetic fields) on all of our electronic equipment and in our fuse box. It is also an integral part of every treatment session with Trish and is incorporated into her upcoming "Vitality Healing Arts" line of energized accessories and art.

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