Frequency Bracelet


The Spirit's Rx Frequency Bracelet uses specialized metal to hold specific frequencies imprinted to it. The body uses its energy field to absorb the frequencies into the body. Trish Hoehn, MAOT & BioEnergetic Specialist, created a select groups of frequencies in TENS and Microcurrent for Codes 100 - Universal Healing, 99 - Stress and 98 - Sleep .

Spirit's Rx Frequency Bracelets can be imprinted Codes 100, 99, and/or 98 within two (2) days so call ahead to order. Bracelets are currently just $47 and available for the wrist or ankle.

Customization with your own most beneficial frequencies is also possible! For a custom bracelet, you must make an appointment for a BioEnergetic Analysis with Trish by calling Lotus (262) 457-2222 or book online via

Trish recommends having the bracelets "re-charged" once a month: re-charging of Code 100, 99 or 98 is complimentary for Access Plan Members and $17 for all others. Re-charging of all custom bracelets is $17.

TENS and Microcurrent

TENS devices deliver milliamp current and block pain messages that are trying to get from the injured tissue, up the spine, to the brain. Think of this as an electrical anesthetic; higher frequencies are usually not felt, but lower frequencies are. In contrast, microcurrent delivers subsensory microamperage current, 1000 times less than milli-amperage current, which has been shown in published studies to increase ATP (stores and transports chemical energy within cells) production in tissues. One does not feel microcurrent, but the extremely low current is close to the natural electrical activity of the cells and can help the body rebalance and repair tissue over time.