Patty Salvack: Licensed Massage Therapist

Patty is a graduate of Blue Sky School of Professional Massage & Bodywork and has over 10 years of experience. She has a natural intuitive touch for finding those tough knots and working them out so you can feel better fast. Her areas of expertise are therapeutic massage, relaxation, prenatal, sciatica, stress reduction and pain management. Patty's work inspires and supports balance and wellbeing of the body, mind and soul. She thoroughly enjoys what she does and you will be impressed with her techniques and your results!


Therapeutic Massage:
60 minutes, $75 | 90 minutes, $115 | 120 minutes, $145

Each Therapeutic Massage session with Patty will be a unique experience since it is custom designed to address both your long-term concerns and your immediate needs. Your session will start with an initial consultation to identify your goals and preferences and/or update your health status since you saw Patty last. The consult is followed by bodywork that addresses your needs and also accommodates your choice of a milder, relaxation type of massage, therapeutic, deep tissue work and sports massages.

Express Massage:
30 minutes, $40

This Express massage allows focus on one to three areas of concern and is quick enough to enjoy over your lunch break.

Chair Massage:
15 minutes, $20

This mini service has you seated on a massage chair and allows for focus on one area of concern, is a great intro session, or can be used for quick general relaxation.