Tracy Hennes, CBD & Essential Oil Specialist, Educator, Certified Yoga Instructor

#1 best-selling author, Tracy Hennes, has eighteen years of experience in education, and Master's Degrees in communication disorders and educational leadership. In business, she combines her faith, values, and passion for wellness with her drive and desire to serve others. Tracy is a certified and registered yoga instructor who devotes time daily to reading and reflecting, drawing upon that in daily activities, and guiding others on their own journeys for health and wellness in heart, soul, mind, and strength.

CBD Oil Classes & Consultations

Prices vary

Learn about quality CBD oil, the beneficial cannabinoids and constituents in hemp, and how they can balance the body.

CBD infused skin care and beauty products available as well as for sleep, stress, anxiety and more.

M.E.O.W (Monthly Essential Oil Workshop)

Class Prices Range for $20-$35

Monthly themed sessions for education on essential oils, sharing recipes, and experiencing your own make'n take products and gifts made with pure essential oils.

Yoga Instructor

Drop-in $15 or Yoga Passes Available for Per Class Savings

Registered Yoga Instructor, C-HYI 200 HOLY YOGA, RYT 200, C-HYI Trauma Sensitive Workshops, Series, and Individual or Small-Group Sessions

Current Yoga Schedule

Holy Hatha Yoga - Spiritually-centered practice of basic yoga poses designed for relaxation, balance, strength, and wellness in heart, soul, mind, and body.

Chakra-Balancing Yoga - Work with your Chakra centers during yoga and begin to unravel any blocks that may prevent the unfolding into our highest potential.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga - Gently-guided and therapeutic yoga designed to help us process and and release the negative energy held within our body due to past trauma.