Walk-In Therapies

Membership is required to access our Walk-In Therapies. These therapies combine state-of-the-art health technologies in unique and enjoyable ways. They provide rapid results, and like exercise, the benefits are cumulative. Each Walk-In Therapy addresses different concerns and alleviates a variety of symptoms. Retail therapy prices are listed below.

To better address the needs of our members, we offer cost-saving Unlimited Access Plans and Passes so you can easily make this a part of your wellness routine.

Club Access Plans

Walk-In Therapies are available to members on a walk-in basis; no appointment is necessary.

Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar: $17 for 30 minutes

Inhale Pure Vitality

Oxygen is literally the breath of life. . .so why not have fun while increasing your levels? Our Oxygen Bar incorporates a variety of essential oils and has you sit on the soothing Amethyst Biomat, developed by NASA, which features Far Infrared Light Therapy (soothing heat), negative ions (grounding and balancing), and amethyst crystals (helps the body to relax and de-stress). Play a game of cards, color a mandala in our meditation coloring books, or just enjoy an organic tea and visit with friends while you enjoy this service.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Multi-Sensory PowerNap: $34 for 60 minutes | $17 for 30 minutes

Rejuvenate with Soothing Heat, Sound, Scent and Energy

Sandwich the body between two Amethyst Biomats (Far Infrared, Negative Ions, & Amethyst Crystal) for immediate stress / anxiety relief; Inhale Aromatherapy for stress, energy, brain boost and/or detoxing; Listen to Music Therapy, tapping into the healing frequency of Wholetones using the BrainTap headset; and Surround yourself in a Tachyon Energy Field to boost vitality. Each session is 30 minutes long and feels like a two-hour nap!

Additionally, you will ground your body and be in an EMF - ElectroMagnetic Frequency free zone.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Brain Boost PowerNap: $34 for 60 minutes | $17 for 30 minutes

Rejuvenate While Activating Your Brain's Peak Potential

The Brain Boost PowerNap is a walk-in therapy that will activate your brain's peak potential for Weight Loss; Pain Relief; Stress Relief; PTSD; Addiction; Super Learning & more using the BRAINTAP headset! Many times people know what they need to do, but there is a "leap" from knowing to doing. This therapy gets your brain on board to heal and achieve your goals.

Also included in the Brain Boost PowerNap are the BioMat sandwiching, clinical grade Aromatherapy and Tachyon Energy.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Zen Zone: $17 for 30 minutes

An Acoustic Immersion within an Energy Cocoon

The Zen Zone unites Tachyon Energy and a Harmonic Lounger that syncs with meditation music. The 3-dimensional Tachyon Energy Cocoon experience promotes integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies, leading to calm, and centered clarity! It not only feels great, it will also enhance any healing process that needs to take place at any level of your being. In addition, the Harmonic Lounger uses specialized vibration generators within the lounger to bring soothing frequencies to your cells while listening to synced music designed to coax the body and mind into a calming alignment. Choose from 11 different meditations.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Far Infrared Sauna with Chromatherapy: $17 for 30 minutes

Heal, Detox, Lose Weight

This self-service provides a 2-person far infrared, tachyon energy chamber experience with chromatherapy. As you recline in a zero gravity chair, the chromatherapy will calm the mind with its visual screen that syncs with soothing music or nature sounds. The sauna creates heat energy via an invisible band of light. The light penetrates deep into your body creating heat shock proteins that heal and detox the body. Your skin will be warm and comfortable, but you won't be sweating because objects are warmed without warming the air to uncomfortable temperatures. We advise wearing cotton clothing.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

BioElectrical Therapy: $17 for 30 minutes, $34 for 60 minutes

Wellness & Pain Relief Through Frequency

Got pain, stress, sleep issues, parasites, bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold and/or fungus, just to name a few? We've got the solution! The Wellness Pro+ is an FDA Cleared TENS device (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a drug free option for acute and chronic conditions. The Wellness Pro+ has the largest frequency range (TENS & Microcurrent) coupled with an innovative delivery system that triggers electrochemical processes and achieves long term pain relief. Strategic Lotus Protocols are available for whatever imbalance your body is experiencing. Specialty codes are available for Universal Healing, Sleep and Stress. In addition, individualized frequency bracelets are available for added support. Trish Hoehn, BioEnergetic Specialist, can help you create an optimum set of frequency codes. The Wellness Pro+ is available for home use. Add the Zapper to your protocol and decrease the amount of time on the Wellness Pro+. These are amazing devices and work together for optimum results.

Schedule an HRV Stress Analysis+ with Health Consult with Trish Hoehn, to determine how stress is effecting your body, hone in on specific body imbalances, and review your health history to identify your wellness plan's next steps.

Wellness Plan Screening
Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Zapper: Included with BioElectrical Therapy on the Wellness Pro+ or $10 per session

Clears the Body of Pathogens

The ZAPPER creates a positive offset square wave that rids the body of pathogens. It uses direct current that resonates with all the frequencies that parasites, bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold and fungus vibrate at, thereby destroying a variety of pathogens in a very brief session. Trish Hoehn, BioEnergetic Specialist, can test for a protocol that "resonates" with your frequency for faster results. Use the ZAPPER as a maintenance tool to keep pathogens under control. Note: Maximum session is 6 minutes.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Vibrational Platform Training with Gravity Resistance: $17 for 30 minutes

Whole Body Fitness & Lymph Stimulation

The Hypervibe utilizes Whole Body Vibration which has tremendous benefit for muscles, bones and the body in general. It stands apart from other vibration machines in its ability to produce high levels of gravity (acceleration). The effects of GRT have been studied for almost 20 years, with hundreds of clinical papers published in scientific journals. Documented benefits include improved balance, bone density, muscle strength, circulation, flexibility, body composition, lymphatic detoxification, hormonal profile and more! Pick from five different categories: Active Aging, Weight Loss & Fitness, Women's Health & Beauty, Performance & Recovery, and Relieve & Revive.

Lotus Be Well Self Serve Therapies

Vitamin D Light Therapy with Tanning: $10 for 20 minutes

Renew Your Skin & Mind

Our body's produce Vitamin D in response to the sun and a deficiency can lead to many problems including Seasonal Affective Disorder (the winter blues). Whether a deficiency is due to the long, cold months of Wisconsin winters, or too much time indoors, you can boost your health and mood by enjoying our Vitamin D Light Therapy room. Our fullspectrum units feature not only UVA and UVB that result in tanning, but also incorporate red light (skin health benefits) and blue light therapy (mood boosting). Add a powerfully balancing Tachyon energy field and you have a light therapy experience like no other! Please note: Our light technology utilizes electronic ballasts versus the standard, healthdepleting magnetic ballasts.