Wellness Space Design: Trish Hoehn

Wellness Space Design is the use of color, light, sound, scents and wellness technology in a dedicated environment. A Wellness Space is a sanctuary that assists in the evolution of mind, body, and spirit. Whether you seek to personally feel and function at your best, or to help your organization maximize its human capital, Trish Hoehn (Head Designer, Masters in Occupational Therapy, BioEnergetic Specialist, Wellness Spa owner) can assist you in achieving your goal.

Corporate Wellness Space Design Consult
complimentary initial phone consult

  • Options available for needs assessment, onsite visits, employee training on use of equipment, etc.
  • Contact Trish to learn more.

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Home Wellness Space Design Consult
60 min. $75

(fee waived with purchase of recommended design and equipment)

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