Corporate Wellness Space Design

Innovative wellness design is not just for large corporations like Google and Microsoft. There is a reason these industry giants have created rejuvenating spaces for their employees. Multi-tasking, EMF pollution from technology, sleep deprivation and our fast-paced society take a toll on the human body and result in mental and emotional health issues, lost work time due to illness and high insurance claims.

Integrating Wellness Spaces within the corporate environment results in:

  • increased productivity and mental performance
  • reduced workers comp claims
  • improved morale and creativity
  • higher employee retention rates
Lotus Be Well Corporate Wellness Space Design

There is an abundance of research* to support the benefits of stress reduction in improving physical health, emotional well-being, relationships, productivity, energy levels, and overall function. Likewise, decreasing cortisol (stress hormone) levels begins a cascade of therapeutic benefits that will have far-reaching results for your bottom line.

We will meet to discuss your project, complete a needs assessment, and design an innovative custom space that is both functional and visually dynamic. Options include:

  • EMF Mitigation: Reduce the negative, depleting effects of wi-fi, electronics, smart meters, etc.
  • Work Station Enhancement: Modify work stations to improve function, comfort and productivity.
  • Brain Spa: Increase productivity, improve cognitive function, overcome addictive behaviors and reduce stress/anxiety; tap into the power of the subconscious mind through technology-enhanced meditation.
  • PowerNap/Healing Station: Enhance break time by providing a way to reduce stress and pain, enhance performance and maximize energy levels.

Visit Lotus Be Well to experience the power of our Wellness Space Designs and the walk-in therapies that have our clients raving about improved wellbeing.



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