Home Wellness Space Design

At Lotus Be Well, the compliments on the look, feel, and functionality of our space are constant; merely walk into our spa and you can actually feel your stress evaporate as you are infused with a gentle flow of negative ions and tachyon energy; inhale the fragrant aroma of clinical-grade essential oils that permeate the air and elevate the soul. Ride the waves of healing frequency music and let your body and soul be revived. Being within our space alone is enough for the body to begin rebalancing, now imagine bringing this type of environment into your personal space so you can have access at any time you desire.

Replicating the exclusive walk-in therapies at Lotus Be Well, you can now have a Wellness Space within your home that will significantly enhance wellbeing and yield tangible effects within minutes.

Do you remember what it feels like to live without pain? Do you regularly wake up with joy and energy to face the day? Are you able to meet challenges head-on, resolve conflicts, release the associated tension and stress, then continue on with ease? If not, having access to a Wellness Space can provide you with the space and tools to accomplish these things and more.

Lotus Be Well Home Wellness Space Design

Choose a single space design option, or combine multiple options to meet your unique wellness goals and space constraints. Our professionals will assist you in creating the space you crave. Options can include:

  • Home Office Re-design: Modify the home office to improve your function, comfort, and productivity.
  • Enhanced Sleep Environments: Implement technology to reduce stress and improve the quality of restorative sleep. Utilize sleep time to optimize health and wellbeing.
  • Whole House EMF Mitigation: Reduce the negative, depleting effects of wi-fi, electronics, smart meters, etc.
  • Brain Spa: Achieve wellness goals with speed and ease by tapping into the power of the subconscious mind through technology-enhanced meditation.
  • PowerNap/Healing Station: A daily indulgence of just 30 minutes for stress reduction, pain relief, detoxification, and energy enhancement.
  • Strengthening & Detoxification Station: Harnessing anti-gravity technology to aid in lymphatic detox, accelerated muscle toning, fat reduction, improved circulation, pain reduction, bone density improvements, and more.
  • Pain Relief & BioElectrical Therapy Station: Use frequency to conquer even intractable pain, improve cellular function, and rebuild your health.

Visit Lotus Be Well to experience the power of our Wellness Space Designs and the walk-in therapies that have our clients raving about improved wellbeing.

Contact us via email at info@lotusbewell.com to learn more.

Lotus Be Well Home Wellness Space Design Lotus Be Well Home Wellness Space Design